National pro-EU organisations

People’s Vote campaign – Coalition of groups working together to get a new referendum on Brexit with the option to stay in the EU.

Britain for Europe – National voice campaigning for continued UK membership of the European Union

European Movement UK –  Independent, cross-party organisation committed to keeping the UK in the EU

Young European Movement UK – Non-partisan platform for under 35s to express their opinions on Europe

Scientists for EU – Campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU

NHS for a People’s Vote – Grassroots campaign that continues to raise the voice of UK health professionals, carers, patients and researchers in the negotiations and policies following the EU referendum

Best for Britain – No Brexit is better than a bad Brexit

Open Britain – Leading the fight against a hard, destructive Brexit

Our Future Our Choice – Movement founded by young people who demand that their generation must be given a say on any Brexit deal.

Another Europe is Possible – campaigning to stay in the EU referendum from a specifically left, progressive perspective

Information resources and opinion

InFacts – Dedicated to making the most of post-referendum Britain – fighting against a destructive Brexit and campaigning to pull the UK together whether Brexit happens or not

Doorstep EU – Excellent App from Richard Corbett MEP which includes analysis of news headlines, Straight answers to common questions about the EU, Evidence-based tabloid myth rebuttals, and Detailed statistics about the EU’s impact on the UK.

EU Commission in the UK – News from the EU commission’s office in the UK, information about EU funding and investment, and some EuroMyth busting!

European Parliament – Information on the work of the European Parliament and MEPs, and its sittings and committees.

MyEU.UK – find out what the EU has done for your area

Brexit Lies – The lies, half-truths and misrepresentations of the Leave campaign rebutted.

The New European – Pro-Remain newspaper featuring in-depth analysis of the Brexit process.

The Brexit Blog – Analysis of Brexit developments from Chris Grey, Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London

LSE Brexit blog

University of Cambridge Brexit News – more than 1,000 pro-EU memes and videos to share

Organisations campaigning for the rights of EU Citzens

The  3 Million – Campaigning to safeguard and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe after Brexit

British in Europe – Standing up for the rights of UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK

Pro-EU organisations in the East of England Region

List of active Pro-Remain groups in our region (please let us know if we’re missing anyone!)

Other resources

16 Million Rising – The UK’s first, grassroots, Pro-European Radio Show

The 48% and Beyond – Pro-Remain Facebook group