Join us in Market Square outside Cambridge Guildhall from 5.30 PM on Thursday 31 October, to say “No Brexit today, No Brexit ever!”.

Speeches will start at 6 PM and finish at 7 PM, and speakers will include:

  • Daniel Zeichner MP (depending on Parliamentary business)
  • Dr Victoria Bateman – Economist and campaigner
  • Rod Cantrill – Liberal Democrat PPC in Cambridge
  • Freddie Poser – Our Future Our Choice Cambridge
  • Anna Smith – Cambridge City Councillor
  • Paul Browne – Cambridge Stays Chair

Other speakers will be announced soon.

Politics in the UK is in a state of chaos, and we do not know what the coming weeks and months will bring, but we do know that while there is a chance that we can stop Brexit and keep the UK in the EU we will keep campaigning!

Join us on Thursday to sent out out defiant message loud and clear, No Brexit today, no Brexit ever!