Cambridge Stays will have a Pro-EU stall outside the Guildhall in Market Square, Cambridge CB2 3QB, from 12 noon until 4 pm on Saturday 25th August.

We’ll have our popular Brexitometer as well as leaflets to take and petitions to sign, but we are also planning to send teams to hand out leaflets and collect signatures for the People’s Vote petition in other areas of the city such as in Fitzroy St. next to the Grafton Centre and Christs Lane next to Drummer St. bus station.

If you can join us for a couple of hours between 12 noon and 4 pm – and new volunteers are always very welcome – please email us at and tell us when you’ll be there.

Polls published in late July show a substantial majority support staying in the EU over a no deal Brexit, and that a majority now support a new referendum with the option of staying in the EU. We experienced this for ourselves over the weekend when a dozen of us spent a few hours outside the Cambridge Folk Festival, signing up hundreds of people to the People’s Vote Petition, as well as handing out lots of leaflets and thousands of stickers to festival attendees.

The people of the UK have the right to stop Brexit if they no longer believe it to be in the interest of our country and its people, and we need to get out there and encourage and persuade people of this.

So if you can spare an hour or two on the afternoon on Saturday 25 August please let us know by emailing us at!