Join Professor Michael Dougan at 7.30 PM on Tuesday 19 October for this Cambridge for Europe event to discuss the challenges of Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, and how we should face them. The event will include a presentation by Professor Dougan followed by questions from the audience.

Watch a recording of this talk on our YouTube channel.

About the event

In 2020, the Johnson Government “got Brexit done” only in the most superficial sense: the UK is no longer a member of the EU. But in myriad other ways, the full implications of Brexit are only now beginning to make themselves felt. After all, Brexit was intended by many of its leading advocates to act as a revolutionary upheaval, not only radically disrupting the UK’s place in Europe and the world, but also changing the long term internal dynamics of the UK itself – in governance, politics, law and the economy. This talk will focus on a few of the main challenges currently foisted upon us by Johnson’s Hard Brexit – including the ongoing problems facing Northern Ireland and respect for the rule of law by the British Government.

About Professor Dougan

Michael Dougan graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge and has been Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law at the University of Liverpool since 2004. He has become one of the most incisive and respected public commentators on Brexit, its details and consequences and is the author of ‘The UK’s Withdrawal from the EU: A Legal Analysis’ (2021).