On the morning of Saturday 19 October 160 campaigners from Cambridge and the surrounding region boarded two double-decker coaches to travel to London for the People’s Vote “Together for a Final Say” march. Hundreds more traveled down to the march by train from the Cambridge area, and together they joined hundreds of thousands of people from all over the UK (and beyond) who united to call for a final say on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

The rain may have threatened at one point to dampen our spirits, but the cheers that went up a few minutes later when we heard that the Letwin amendment had passed showed that it was Boris Johnson’s parade that really got rained on!

The march was a success, showing that far from wanting to “Get Brexit Done” a great part of the people of the UK want to end the Brexit chaos by stopping Brexit. We know full well that if Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is passed that will only be the start of many more wasted years dominated by Brexit and its fallout. It was an important message to send not just to our own MPs but to the leaders of the other EU member states, who will have to decide whether or not to grant the UK another extension to the Article 50 period.

There were some excellent speeches (for those who got to Parliament Square or one of the screens in Whitehall and Pall Mall in time!) by speakers from across the political spectrum and representing many campaign groups that together back a People’s Vote. You can read a selection of quotations on the People’s Vote website, and view aerial footage of the march and interviews with marchers on the Guardian website.

Thanks to everyone who joined the march, and to all our members who leafleted, ran stalls, or helped organise our coaches, your can be very proud of what you have achieved.

Here are a small selection of photos from the march.

On the coach down to London.
Cambridge Stays supporters gather at the Animals in War memorial on Park Lane.
The crowds building on Park Lane
There were lots of excellent home-made placards on display.
Dominic Cummings was not a popular figure!
Many marchers highlighted the harm Brexit is doing to EU citizens who have made the UK their home.
We finally got to Whitehall shortly after 4 PM…and found it still full of People’s Vote marchers
And then it was time to return to Cambridge after great day’s marching!
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