We’d like to thank everyone travelled down to London yesterday  – whether by coach, train or other means – to join the March for a People’s Vote yesterday. We’d also like to thank everyone – almost a hundred of you – who joined our stalls, handed out leaflets, or went house-to-house posting them through letterboxes over the past couple of months, yesterday all your hard work paid off!

We know that most people travelled from Cambridge to London for the march by train, but we also had a full coach, and a pep talk from Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner at Trumpington before we set off.

No doubt you’ve all seen the coverage of yesterday’s March for a People’s Vote in London. It was massive! For some reason best known to them the organisers are giving an attendance figure of “over 100,000” but this is a huge underestimate, the actual number was well over 250,000. The photo at the top of this email was taken about half way along Pall Mall, looking back towards the distant corner of Pall Mall and St James’s, where we arrived an hour before the march started. By then Pall Mall (capacity 200,000) was already completely full, and took the photo below of part of our group at the edge of the crowd while we still had some room to move!

The Sky News aerial footage gives a good idea of how big the crowd was (and even it missed both ends of the march)!


By the time we got to the end of Whitehall Parliament Square was as we expected already completely full, so we watched the speeches on a large screen in Whitehall. There were many fine speeches, but those by Gina Miller, Femi Oluwole, Caroline Lucas  and Tony Robinson were particularly good. All in all it was an inspiring event.


People’s Vote Petition – sign today!
Yesterday the People’s Vote Petition also launched, demanding People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. We sent an email out about this yesterday morning, but accidently included an incorrect link. Sorry about that! The correct link is www.peoples-vote.uk/petition.

Please sign the petition to build on yesterday’s success.

Yesterday’s march marks the first end of the first phase of the People’s Vote campaign. After taking a few weeks to rest, recuperate, and reorganise we’ll be inviting you to take part in the next phase, which will involve more campaigning across our region. The attendance at the March for a People’s Vote – considerably more than double that at any previous anti-Brexit march – shows what we can achieve when we get out there and campaign, but we’re going to have to shift up a gear or two in the coming months, so please do step forward again when we call for volunteers!

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