Cambridge for Europe welcomes the announcement by Boris Johnson that he will resign as Prime Minister.

Paul Browne, Chair of Cambridge for Europe, said:

“Today Boris Johnson is announcing his resignation, but he leaves behind the toxic legacy of a United Kingdom poorer, more isolated, and more divided than when he became Prime Minister.

It’s fitting that it was yet another lie that finally undid Boris Johnson, lies after all have been a constant feature of his career. His shameless lies helped deliver his signature policy of Brexit, which has damaged our economy, deprived UK citizens of their right to live and work across Europe, and made many EU citizens who made their homes here feel like strangers instead of neighbours.

Boris Johnson’s dishonesty over the Northern Ireland protocol showed him at his most reckless and destructive. To “Get Brexit Done” he lied to the people of Northern Ireland, to the EU, to Parliament and to the British electorate. These lies and his government’s bellicose attitude now endanger peace in Northern Ireland and damage the UK’s relationship with its nearest neighbours, closest allies, and largest markets. If that wasn’t bad enough his Government’s threat to renege on the Northern Ireland protocol undermines the international rule of law at precisely the time when democracies are struggling to defend it against autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Boris Johnson is a narcissist who rightly fears accountability, and his time in office has been marked by attacks on the independent judiciary, the electoral commission and human rights law. Laws pushed through in the last year by his Government have weakened democracy, made it more difficult for citizens to hold the Government to account in the courts, and even threatened our right to peaceful protest.

Boris Johnson’s departure is an opportunity for a new start and to begin to undo the damage he has done. He must go, and go now!”

We recognise that the damage Boris Johnson has done to the UK will take years to fix, but it will be fixed and the UK will one day rejoin the EU. If you want to be part of achieving this join the European Movement today!

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