Statement by Paul Browne, Chair of Cambridge for Europe/Cambridge Stays, on Saturday 1st February 2020.

Yesterday the UK departed from the EU, but Brexit is far from done, and our work is not done either.

Brexit is a severe blow to the economy and global influence of the UK, but the loss of EU citizenship and the rights and opportunities it brings is most painful for many of our members and supporters. Young people in the UK are being denied the opportunities that Freedom of Movement gave earlier generations, Freedom of Movement that they themselves overwhelmingly want to keep. And the government has the nerve to boast about ending it.

So, in the months and years ahead we will work with national campaigns and hundreds of local groups like ours across the UK to hold the Government to account, to keep the closest possible relationship with the UK, and to advocate the cause of European unity that is so important to us.

Above all we will work with organisations like the3million and British in Europe to protect the rights of 5 million EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in other EU member states. As a consequence of a referendum in which the vast majority of them were denied a vote, our family, friends and colleagues from across Europe now have to apply for an inferior status than that they enjoyed by right. They have to do this despite promises made during the 2016 referendum campaign by those who now lead the Government. The treatment of the 5 million by the UK government perfectly illustrates the moral black hole at the heart of Brexit.

To our members and supporters who have campaigned so hard over the last three and a half years, we say a huge “Thank You”. Your energy and dedication never ceases to amaze and inspire us.

One day the UK will once more take its rightful place as a member of the European Union, the most successful project for peaceful cooperation between nations that the world has ever known.

One day we will get back our star, and we will continue to make our voices heard until that day arrives.

We hope that you will join us.

The Cambridge for Europe/Cambridge Stays committee.

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