While we are still waiting for the Brexit deal that was announced yesterday to be made public, it is already clear from what has been revealed that it is a far inferior arrangement to our current membership of the EU. Has any country ever negotiated so hard to obtain a political and economic deal that is so self-evidently poor compared to the one it already has?

If we want to stop Brexit the next few weeks will be critical. We must persuade our MPs to first vote down the Brexit deal, and then to call for a People’s Vote on Brexit (with or without a deal) with the option to stay in the EU.

The best way to persuade your MP is to send them a letter by post – email is good but post is better. The letter doesn’t need to be long, but it should include a clear call for them to vote against the deal when it is debated in a few weeks time.

We have information on how to find and contact your MP on our website. It is also worthwhile to contact the MP of the constituency where you work, as most MPs pay close attention to threats to businesses and services in their constituency.

Local MPs who are particularly important to write to, as they are Conservative MPs who campaigned for Remain in 2016:

  • Heidi Allen MP (South Cambridgeshire)
  • Lucy Frazer MP (South East Cambridgeshire)
  • Jonathan Djanogly MP (Huntingdon)
  • Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP (North East Hertfordshire)

Your letter should explain why you want your MP to vote down the deal and support a People’s Vote, and if you can include reasons from your own life and work so much the better.

Suggested reasons include that the Brexit deal:

– Will turn the UK from being a rule maker in one of the world’s largest economic blocs to being a rule taker. It erodes both sovereignty and influence

– Is a bridge to nowhere, there will still be vast uncertainty over the future trade relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU.

– Will increase costs for our businesses and leave the UK in a far weaker bargaining position for International trade deals. We will lose the 50 (and counting!) trade deals we have through the EU with countries around the world.

– Will weaken the UK on the world stage, and undermine the international cooperation we need to tackle the challenge of creating a more sustainable global economy

While a hand written letter to your MP is always best, you can also send your MP and email (or get inspiration for your letter) using the new “Not Buying it” tool from the People’s Vote campaign.


Get writing!

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