On Thursday 1 February 2018 we were delighted to welcome Professor Anthony Grayling to Cambridge to give a talk ‘Brexit – the next steps in the fight against it’.

Professor Grayling is Master of the New College of the Humanities, London, and also its Professor of Philosophy, and has for decades been an incisive and valued commentator on many aspects of life in the UK and beyond. Since June 2016 he has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people the length and breadth of the country in talks, debates, and rallies, inspiring continued opposition to the folly of Brexit. As he spoke to the audience of about 200 in the Emmanuel United Reformed Church in Cambridge it became clear why he is in such demand as a speaker.

In a wide-ranging speech lasting an hour followed by questions from the audience he launched a devastating attack on the conduct of the Government, highlighting the sinister true motivations of the hard Brexiteers who seek to destroy workers rights and consumer and environmental protections, and send the UK on a race to the bottom that will only worsen the inequalities and lack of opportunity that drove many to vote for Brexit.

But he also had good news, with the Government at war with itself over what Brexit means, leading Brexiters worried that they no longer has a mandate for hard Brexit (not that they ever did!), support for Brexit declining, the time is right to push back and stop Brexit. Doing that will not be easy, and he spoke about how pro-Remain groups, both those advocating a Stop Brexit position and those such as Open Britain that are pursuing a softer approach, are now starting to coordinate their campaigning for maximum effect. This is good news and something that we in Cambridge Stays have already begun other groups in the East of England region.

You can watch Professor Grayling’s speech here (thanks Antony Carpen!), and read an attendees perspective here.

It was an inspiring evening, and if you feel inspired too, don’t forget to become a Cambridge Stays member!

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