We expect that many of you were as enraged as we were to learn late on Sunday evening that the Johnson Government is planning to “override” – in other words renege on – two sections of the Withdrawal Agreement it signed with the European Union last October. 

The Johnson Government has already reneged on commitments they agreed in the political declaration, and doesn’t seem to care that the EU can see that it is negotiating in bad faith. We have to wonder if Johnson ever really intended to honour the Withdrawal Agreement, or if he just signed it to get Brexit done and then break it. Remember, this is the same Boris Johnson who tried to prorogue Parliament last year to push through a no-deal Brexit,  and dishonesty has been the one constant throughout his life and career.

Email your MP today, especially of they are a Tory, and tell them that the UK Government must honour ALL the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement that they signed with the EU last year. Even if it doesn’t change their mind, they need to know how strongly people feel about this.

We have information on how to find your MPs contact details and tips on drafting emails to them on our website.

Remind your MP that the Withdrawal agreement is an International Treaty and that breaking it, or even threatening to break it, risks:

  • Forcing the EU to end the negotiations on a trade deal. How can the EU continue negotiating with a partner who is clearly acting in bad faith?
  • Inflicting an extremely disruptive no-deal exit from the Single Market and Customs Union that will do huge damage to trade with our largest external market when UK businesses are still struggling to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Undermining peace in Northern Ireland. Peace in Northern Ireland is still fragile, and reneging on their commitments risks a land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland that would stoke community tensions.
  • Breaking the United Kingdom. A no-deal Brexit will increase support for an independent Scotland, and also for a border poll in Northern Ireland to vote on reunification with Ireland.
  • Undermining the international standing of the UK. How can any government trust the UK to honour treaties or trade deals if it breaks the Withdrawal Agreement?

Email your MP today if you can, and forward this email to friends and colleagues who might want to make their voice heard. MPs and the Government need to know how angry we are at what they are doing.

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